Two years ago, it happened what we both know. I met you, and you took me in another world. It was magic, I can’t describe it, but I’ve never felt so high before. You were like a dream I wasn’t waiting for. 

And then, I don’t know how, I don’t know why, you took a part of me. Since that day, I just can’t stop thinking about you. I’ve tried to not attach myself to you, that’s why, in a first time, I said you « no » when you asked me to stay with you until you went back home in Denmark that day… I said you that my parents wouldn’t wanna let me stay there, but I know that if i would have spoken with them, they would have let me stay there. I really wanted to stay, but I started to feel something for you, and I said to myself : « Alexia, you don’t need that… It will be too difficult, you won’t see him a lot, he lives too far away from you… It will be very hard for you and for him… You don’t need something like that… » So I went in the mountains with my parents… And trust me, it was veeery hard for me to let you in the camping…

But, then, during all the day, I just thought about you… I said to myself that I is was normal because it was very recent, and that I would see a few days later how I feel. And then, when I went back home, it didn’t pass. You and I spoke a lot on Facebook, and I asked you if you wanted to try something together, and there, you said me that it was too complicated, that it would be too hard to be together because of the distance. In fact, you told me exactly what I thought at the moment when you asked me to stay with you in the camping… And of course, you were right… So, I said to myself that my feelings would pass with time, because everything pass with time… But the fact is that they don’t… More, my feelings for you were stronger day after day… I didn’t know what you felt for me, if you had forgotten me or not, but my feelings didn’t want to pass… Then I thought that it would disappear when I’ll meet someone else, when I would be in love with someone… Time passed, and my feelings were still there… I’ve had a boyfriend, who loved me so much, and I really loved him. I felt good with him, we stayed together during 5 months. But I had a problem : I really loved him, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you too! It was HORRIBLE for me, I couldn’t live like that. Trust me, I really wanted to forget you, but I couldn’t, I don’t know why…

So, at that moment, I knew that I had to tell you everything, I mean in front of you. I couldn’t tell you that on Facebook or by message, I wanted to have you in front of me, to see how you would react. You know, I’ve really been in love before, but I’ve never felt something like that for someone, never…

I know that you said me « no », but, I don’t know if you remember, you said me « if we lived in the same country, I would be all over you ». Now, you probably know that we want to come to live in Copenhagen, with Tiphaine, since a long time ago. That’s not only for you, we really love everything we’ve heard about Denmark, about Copenhagen, about Danish people, the way you live, the way you think, design culture etc… Everything here seems to be very good for her and I! A lot of things call me in Copenhagen, so, why wouldn’t I try to live the life I really want?

The problem for you and me was the distance. Today, if you want it, there is a solution. Only one year more, the time for me to finish my studies, and I’ll come as soon as possible. With or without you, coming in Copenhagen is really a thing that I want, and I’ll do it. 

So, I’ve waited, and now, you know everything. I’ve written all that here, because maybe I will forget to tell you somethings, but the thing I want the most is to tell you all that when you’ll be in front of me.

We can’t control our feelings, even if we would like it… If they stay, we can’t do anything but wait it to pass. For my part, they don’t pass, they are still here two years later. Maybe that’s what happen when you’ve found the One, the good person… I don’t know… That’s why I’d like to try and I wanna know. I know that it would be difficult, but I think that if we let our dreams go because they are difficult, if we choose only easy things, so we won’t have a life that we will have chosen. I wanna choose the way I wanna live, that’s why difficult things don’t afraid me. I’ve learned that when we want something, no matter what the level, we can have it, if we don’t let it go.

So, “We could be together, if you want it too.”

MØ’s concert in Brussels

What a wonderful day! And what a wonderful person she is! I had the chance to speak with her about a possible artistic project! (chuut, that’s a secret ;) )
One more time, I thought about you : you are the one who made me discover MØ!